Tuesday, May 20, 2008

let's try this again

getting back on track.
we have been eating out waaaay waaay too much since about 2 months before cora was born.
i just didn't have any desire to be in the kitchen or have anything to do with food when i felt so huge from being pregnant.
but now i'm back!

~bacon egg and cheese on a toasted TJs multigrain english muffin

my absolute favorite bacon is applegate farms peppered bacon. i love the turkey bacon too.

i am so uninspired in this tiny apartment kitchen. we're moving in a couple of weeks and although the kitchen in the new house isn't that much bigger, it has more light and i won't feel like i'm cooking in a cave.

~glass of TJs "green plant" juice

seriously folks, don't be scared of this stuff. it looks like slime but it's power packed and very yummy. our whole family just loves it! we used to get odwalla "superfood" but it was like $7 a half gallon...this stuff is only like $3 and tastes practically the same. super yum.

~TJs organic bean and rice burrito w/ sour cream and salsa
~pelligrino w/ lime

~couple of TJs jo jo cookies

~curry chicken broccoli casserole over brown rice
~pelligrino w/ lime

this casserole is the standard recipe, but to make it a wee bit better for you try using health valley organic cream of chicken soup in place of campbells...and use vegenaise instead of mayo.
it's one of those comfort food meals for me.
i made this before cora was born and froze it so all i have to do is pop it in the oven.