Saturday, July 25, 2009

easy peasy chicken and dumplins

(this is my friend denise's recipe, not mine...i just changed/added a few things to it)

get a small rotisserie chicken
put in crockpot, pour over a carton of chicken broth
add in:
a couple of stalks of celery, chopped up
carrots (i used baby carrots...about a handful
couple tablespoons minced garlic or a couple of whole cloves of garlic
an onion, chopped in large pieces
salt and pepper

put on high for a few hours...remove chicken and let cool...pick the meat off and toss it all back in the pot with the broth/veggies.

now get yourself a can of whomp biscuits. (you know...the kind you whomp on the counter to open 'em?) you want the cheap buttermilk ones...not the layer ones.
take you pizza cutter and slice them into 6 pieces...or 8 if you want...or 10 if you want teeny dumplins.
toss the little pieces in a little cornstarch (couple tablespoons) and drop them into the pot.

cover and let it all cook for another 30 mins or so. chow down.

super yummo!!

(hide the biscuit can) ;)


Kelle Ortiz said...

hmmm. Good idea.

ChristinaW said...

I did leave a comment but since I had not registered my google account beforehand I don't know if it went to you. Did it? This is from Christina Wilson. So good to see a picture of you & your kiddos! I can't believe it! I sent a question about a Dr visit to Dr Seneca Anderson. If that didn't get sent (I've never commented at a blog site before-I must confess- so I don't know what I'm doing)please email me at
Thank you!
Lots of love & misses! xxoo

Jen Gordon said...

Definitely going to do this!