Friday, October 30, 2009

IEP's make me all teary-eyed.

i will admit it.
they do.

my dream is to semi-homeschool these babies.
but for now...liam is in public pre-k. an inclusive class. and i adore the teachers. it's the best thing for us right now. i have a job and two little girlies to look after.

but oh my word, the IEP's.

they leave me reeling sometimes.

it's hard enough entrusting your own child to someone that you haven't known for more than 30 mins, but hearing that your child won't eat at school and hearing that i should send better food to school for his lunch? ouch. not that i'm blaming...i'm very new to this.

this is a kid who will eat a total of like 7 things. i am his mama. i KNOW what he will or will not eat. i send like 20 things in his lunchbox because i know this.

tough nite tonite. that's all.


Jen said...

What's an IEP?

Scott and Sara said...

I'm with Jen, what is an IEP? I'm sorry you had a rough night.

Jennifer said...

I'm with the rest...don't know what that is but I'm about to google it. I'm guessing some kind of parent-teacher communication?

ringleader said...

IEP = Individual Education Plan

This plan will individualize Liam's program....tailored to him alone. It is a way to make sure that students with special needs will not be "lost in the crowd".
Since Tim's borther is deaf we had these the entire time he was in school.
Pluses and minuses about the process. The IEP meeting tends to remind parents that their kid isn't a "Typical Kid". It can be emotional.

Heather you and Tim do a wonderfuljob of parenting!

We love you!

granolachic said...

i totally feel your pain!!

big hug...really big hug...keep on keeping on!! your hard work pays off...i promise!

Alisa said...

IEPs are hard. For the parent, for the kiddo, for the teacher. But if you can work with the SPED teacher, it can help him. Scott won't like me saying this, but he really is knowledgeable. Do give us a call if you need someone to bounce anything (ideas, problems, etc.) off of. ((((Heather))))