Monday, August 18, 2008

sorry it has been so long...

...since i've done an update.

things are busy busy busy in the altork household and although there are many blog posts in my mind, there is very little time to get it accomplished.

i WANT to blog about...

~our vacay to st augustine (fabulous! i love my inlaws!)

~the food that we're eating on busy days to just get by (has anyone tried the zaxbys 'lil nibblers? darn those things...they tempt me more often than not)

~my sweet cora who melts my heart with her smile and the fact that she looks *just* like me as a baby tears my heart to bits. and the fact that i'm not nursing as much as i would like and well, that bothers me. we're working on that.

~my garland, precious only middle child (for now), who adores her older brother so much that she SCREAMS when he leaves her immediate vacinity and mirrors me to an extreme when she's hungry...and she has a rat tail for hair that i refuse to cut.
oh how i love to cram bows into that curly rat-tailed hair.

~my precious and special liam who has been officially diagnosed with autism and all the gut-wrenching feelings that tag along with that...along with the joy and beauty that comes with being blessed with the opportunity to raise a "special needs" child. oh the wonders of that boy! he kills me each day with the canned phrase "i want ME a HUG" and "i NEED me a kiss" and proceeds to climb into my (overtired) lap and smooch me right on the lips. how can anything else compare to THAT???

~my hot hubby who is somehow managing being a SENIOR EDITOR of a newspaper along with keeping the kids 3 days a week so i can work. how does he do it folks? HOW??? i love that man.

~my job at starbucks which i love but it pulls me out of bed at 4am too often.
i run this phrase though my head a millon times a day..."it's for the's for the kids" which is *so true* because the only reason i'm working is to cover insurance for this family. and i LOVE it. we are making it work within our means and that feels great to us!

~the fact that my toes and eyebrows need serious attention

~the discovery that the woodstock goodwill rocks...seriously buying everything from there from here on out. goodness.

~the new house. love it. LOVE IT!

and on a side note, if anyone can tell me how to get liam into an inclusive preschool for less than $1000 a month, i'm all ears. goodness.

that's all i've got tonite folks.

stay tuned.....


Kelle Ortiz said...

Just the fact that the "toes and eyebrows" were on that list reminds me why I love you so much. A girl after my own heart.

Jennifer said...

While you're listing things you wish you had time to blog about, I've got one for you. I wish you'd post your amazing best ever lasagna recipe. I'm so not kidding either. I've probably thought about that thing daily since last week. I'm begging you....

No pressure...really.

~heather said...

sure! i'll try to do it tonite. :)

Scott and Sara said...

I just loved this little insight into your wonderfully crazy world. So glad you're getting smiles from Cora and kisses from Liam. Enjoy Starbucks - even at 4 AM, they closed all the stores in Canberra. Very sad.