Sunday, July 27, 2008

new menu

i'm going a little trader joes crazy lately.
it's a great place to shop, my sister works there, it's right around the corner so it's easy to work in a shopping trip after work and well, everything is easy and good for you! can't beat that!!

our meals in no particular order:

~TJ's tilapia citronette that we never made last week. it has roasted veggies (asparagus and carrots) and instead of plain quinoa, i picked up a pack of TJ's "harvest grains blend" which has couscous, orzo, baby garbonzo beans and red quinoa. i'll cook it up in the rice cooker with some organic broth, EVOO and kosher salt

~TJ's mandarin orange chicken, organic jasmine rice, sauteed bok choy with garlic

~TJ's cabernet beef pot roast cooked in the crock pot with TJ's baby confetti potatoes (a mix of red, white and purple potatoes), TJ's french green beans sauteed with garlic.

~TJ's flame broiled turkey meatballs simmered in timmy's homemade BBQ sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, big salad

~grilled buffalo burgers on whole wheat buns, TJ's hawaiian style BBQ chips, sliced seedless cucumber, red bell pepper and carrots with TJ's tzatziki dip

lunches are pretty much always leftovers.

breakfast is our daily smoothie which i have discovered is awesome with TJ's coconut milk and starbucks matcha's just dried green tea and has a big antioxidant punch! i also make sure to sneak in organic spinach and half an avocado. it's a great meal first thing in the morning and the kids love it.


Scott and Sara said...

I so wish I had a TJ's somewhere on this continent! It is such a great place. I have to ask though, what the heck is quinoa?? Never heard of it, though it sounds good the way you're going to make it.

Whittaker Woman said...

wow, could you come and cook for me? H