Monday, July 21, 2008

menu this week

lots of quick fix meals this week because we're so busy.
i'm only planning 4 meals a week since one of us is gone 3 nights a week lately.

(TJ's = trader joes)

meal #1
TJ's ham, caramellized onion and gruyere pizza, caesar salad

meal #2
TJ's tilapia citronette with grilled asparagus and sliced carrots, quinoa

homemade lasagna made with ground turkey, goat cheese, whole wheat noodles and my "special sauce" which includes tons of veggies and even pureed pumpkin!, TJ's garlic naan (we prefer this over garlic bread these days)

meal #4
kung pao chicken and broccoli over brown rice, TJ's coconut curry chicken stix

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Jennifer said...

I like seeing your menus. It gives me ideas. Maybe you'll post your sauce recipe?? Hint hint.