Wednesday, April 8, 2009

this grabbed me (autism)

i have been reading MOTHER WARRIORS lately and this bit hit home for me...

"I have had a chance to be reaquainted with God. Not the God you meet in your Sunday best at church, but the God you meet on your kitchen floor at three in the morning.

There is no Ronald McDonald House for us, no wing at Saint Jude's to offer help, or even hope. The parents of a child with autism are left to go the road alone.

I am my son's full-time researcher, biochemist, pharmacist, educator, doctor, nutritionist, and chef.

I control all aspects of his environment down to the smallest detail."

this was so true for me today.
dealing with medical doctors that want to put a band-aid on everything...and when i question that with the knowledge i've gained...well, they admit to doing what the "book" says.



ringleader said...

I recently read a newspaper article saying that the mainstream medical community (I don’t remember the details) recently, again, denied any association between inoculations and autism. It is a shame that intelligent professionals are so “book” oriented that the evidence is obscured by their attitude. You Mother Warriors are on your own! Except for the ever-growing community of like-minded parents, a few medical professionals, and, of course, your sympathetic family members.

M. Christensen said...

glad to see you are back to blogging, life gets really busy but I really enjoy your post! I haven't read the book yet because I am reading Engaging Autism" right now which I love.

Jennie said...

Love your blog! We seem to have a similar situation...I have a 3,2, and 1 year old so its crazy around here. My oldest has autism. Shes getting better but its been a fight.

I wanted to say, that yes we fight so hard for our kids with autism. It feels like we are alone, but I want to encourage you that we also have the God fighting with us. He will and has been my very present help. I will pray for you and your son.

Lynn Stallworth said...

We are everything to our kids. It sometimes scares me when I think about if God were to take me right now: who would be their voice? My husband is awesome, but even he doesn't know the boys like I do. Mother Warriors is an awesome book!