Friday, April 3, 2009

we're grillin' tonite!

timmy is out getting some charcoal and we're gonna light up the trusty grill to cook our super yummy dinner.

i'm a big fan of the cooking light magazine and this month's issue has some goodies in there.

tonite we're making grilled cilantro-lime chicken with tomato and avocado salsa. i'm also attempting homemade saffron can't be too hard right?
i picked up some spanish saffron at trader joes this afternoon...i need to google for a recipe.
sweet tea is brewing right now to go along with the meal. yum!

i'm also going to be making chicken and feta tabbouleh this weekend for lunches.

the other recipe that looked amazing is pasta with artichokes and fresh ricotta, so that will make an appearance one night with a mixed greens salad and some garlic rolls.

timmy has been asking me to make up a batch of turkey chili lately...and since it looks like another freeze is headed our way (sigh) i think chili sounds great. especially with my favorite recipe.

and while i'm on the subject of food...i have been craving fish tacos.
anybody have a good recipe???

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