Sunday, June 22, 2008

"new" job for me (and lifetime fitness)

there is one that opened literally 1/4 mile from our new house. they had major promotions going so we decided to go for it.


lifetime is so *nice*

i went there this morning at 3am to workout before my 4:45am starbucks shift (uh, yeah...not doing that again...too dang early)

but it is really a very nice gym.
we get 8 hours a week of rockin' childcare with the incredible security and a paging system if your child cries.
i can bring my kids in cloth dipeys too. whoot!
and there is a cafe with wifi, indoor and outdoor pools, a spa that offers everything from haircuts to pedicures to massage...all on site so you can drop your kids off in the child care and get your nails done or lay out by the pool.

we can walk there!!

i am a little overwhelmed by it. i feel very spoiled. i want to go there everyday just to take a shower and blow dry my hair alone. lol.

hopefully i'll get some definition going in this postpartum body.

yes. i've been an on and off starbucks employee for 10 years

i just went back after 5 years because we need a little extra to cover the costs of liam's special diet, his school in the fall and also for the amazing benefits.

the insurance that you get for working only 20 hrs/week will be great for his therapy and such.

so, yes...back to the working world at 4:45 am.
i HATE early mornings, but i also want tim to be with the kids while i work, so my shift ends at 10:45am and tim gets to work by 11.
it's perfect for us although i'm pretty tired.

liam's mental health means enough to me to do it, though.
also, i'm a double tall mocha junkie and that in itself is saving us money by working (free employee drinks)

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