Tuesday, June 24, 2008

heart ramblings

i stay up way too late every night.
well, for one reason, i have a nursing baby that will awaken me even if i sleep, so i tend to take every opportunity while she's sleeping to get some personal time.
this happens from 1-3 am most nights. so. i'm up late. always.

i have a crazy life.

my kids are so close in age and that is starting to wear on me.

dear Lord, i wouldn't trade a single one of them, but goodness it is hard. so very hard.

my sweet liam has major developmental delays which adds quite a few challenges to the mix of raising babies.

i will have a lot more to say on that issue, but for now...

let me just say that life is interesting these days.

i am head over heels in love with my hubby, but we seem to be playing tag team with the working and watching over our little "arrows". it is hard to find time to just connect. i know that many of you out there understand.

i want to brag on him tonite because he took it upon himself to schedule a babysitter for us tomorrow nite so we could have a date. a real live date!!

we so need this. big time.

i have absolutely ZERO clothes that fit. (no idea what i'll wear on the date...)

my eyebrows have needed waxing for probably 6 months now and my toes? lets just say that pedicures aren't exactly on the top 10 of things that can happen when you have a million babies and zero time.

but! folks, i'm happy. shaggy eyebrows and all.

my heart hurts sometimes and i feel a little too "grown up" a lot of days and overwhelmed every single day, but goodness i'm blessed.

i am completely in love with my babies and my hubs hung the moon.

hard times are always going to be there...it's just a matter of getting though them with a smile.

i still have that ability and for that, my friends, i am grateful. late nights and all.


Scott and Sara said...

Have a fabulous time on your date!!! It was so great to talk to you. I miss you lots.

Kelle Ortiz said...

I loved seeing you!

Kelle Ortiz said...

Write something new! Geez, I am bored over here.