Sunday, June 22, 2008


we did something fun today. so super fun!!!

my little brother, daniel, just graduated from high school and is getting ready to start college in the fall.

well, since we got our minivan, we have an extra *old* honda prelude that tim had been driving forever...i mean it's OLD. sporty with a sunroof, stick shift, awesome gas mileage...feels like driving a

tim bought a scooter to ride to work so we could save on gas and we also have the car we used before the van (old eagle given to us) for an "extra" car when tim needs to cart the kiddies around.

we were planning on selling the honda...getting *maybe* 1K for it at best, but we decided to surprise daniel with it as a gift while they are in town for a visit. we ran the idea past my folks and they approved...but said that dan would have to make the money himself to fix the AC, get insurance...etc.

so after a big family dinner tonite we all gathered 'round and tim reached in his pocket and pulled out 2 keys and handed them to dan.
tim said, "i've got these for you...maybe they go with something in the parking lot"

dan freaked!!

it was a blast to see how excited he was. he kept getting in and out of

my uncle gave us the eagle in the same way 3 years ago and we wanted to pass on the giving within the fam.

so super fun! if you have something to pass on, do it! the feeling afterwards is such a high!

yay for my little bro!


Kelle Ortiz said...

oh my gosh! Is he that old? How did that happen?
What a great story!!

Scott and Sara said...

I can't believe the prelude is still ticking! We were just talking about that car the other day and wondering if you guys still had it. So glad that Daniel will have it now. Am going to try and call you tomorrow...hope we can talk!

~heather said...

yep, good old hondas. lol.

phone date tonite?? 9ish?? whoot!