Tuesday, September 16, 2008

update on liam (autism)

we are making GREAT advances!!!

~intraKID http://tinyurl.com/6mbnyz one capfull once a day
~Flora Restore DF http://tinyurl.com/6fsdtm once a day
~topical glutathione twice a day
~topical B12 once a day
~detox suport by intagrative theraputics 3 times a day
~GSE by citricidal http://www.pureliquidgold.com/ twice a day
~cod liver oil http://tinyurl.com/57xze5 1/2 tsp at night
~melatonin for nights when sleep is an issue 500 mcg at a time

~Nystatin 1/4 tab once a day to fight yeast

our doctors:
~dr m. hank sloan http://tinyurl.com/622ob4 (our DAN doctor) DAN = defeat autism now!
~Vaishali Kute, MD http://drkute.com/ our ped
~Dr. Alan Weintraub, MD our deveolpmental ped only used for official diagnosis...which he is great at!

our therapy:
~speech therapy at children's healthcare of atlanta 1x week
~eating therapy at children's healthcare of atlanta 1x week
~occupational therapy at children's healthcare of atlanta 1x week

still to come:
~in home therapy once a day
~added supplements
~hippotherapy http://www.americanequestrian.com/hippotherapy.htm
~ABA in home http://autism.about.com/b/2006/05/02/what-is-aba.htm
~PLAY therapy in home http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Play_therapy
~HBOT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperbaric_medicine
~a dog!! http://tinyurl.com/6zrfjt
~typical preschool (with a helper)
~swimming lessons (he looves the water)

special diet:
~GFCFSF diet (gluten free, casein free, soy free)

update on liam's life:
~liam is the happiest kid i have ever met.
he has all of his emotions, he has great eye contact, he sings his ABC's and old macdonald perfectly. he pushes his sister when he's mad and uses strong words to express his feelings.
this kid will amaze you...he is one of a kind and if you get the pleasure of being a part of his life then you are pretty darn blessed.

supplements/ special diet: $400/mo
therapy $800/mo
hearing your kid say with his own words that he "bonked his toe" PRICELESS!



susan allport said...

Thought you would be interested in this short omega-3 video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIgNpsbvcVM

candace said...

Hey Heather...
Love your post....lots of info - which mom's of autistic kids learn to gather quickly.
I have a Masters in psychology and worked for an autistism therapy program in Alabama - it was subsidized by the University of Alabama...and we worked with underpriviledged autistic kids.
Then, when I moved to atlanta, I started working for the Lovaas clinic doing ABA. I worked for 3 families and loved it.
It's been years since I have done any work, but i have a heart for autism...I just LOVED the kids I worked with.
Anyways, just wanted you to know that I KNOW it is hard work and constant "answer" seeking AND expensive... and it looks like y'all are on the right track to getting Liam ALL the help he needs.
You must be exhausted.
Candace Smartt

Scott and Sara said...

Wow, I just have to say again that I think you're amazing and doing an incredible job managing all this extra stuff! It's hard enough work being a mommy to a pre-schooler! Liam is so blessed to have you and Tim as his parents. We're praying with you for a complete recovery!

Kara said...

The picture of Liam is fantastic! Great post. Let's get together!