Monday, November 17, 2008

my playlist

i can't figure out how to post it. wah!


everytime i try to post it, it goes to a generic one...

ETA: and i just erased my whole post from last night.

man, i am so technically challenged....

i'm surprised i've made it this far. lol.

ETA AGAIN: it is super hard to blog with a squirmy baby in your lap grabbing at the keyboard.

ETA AGAIN (wonder how many times i'll do this today): the wonderpets are kindof entertaining.

ETA AGAIN: so, the original post was about music. and how i had forgotten how much i love it. i listen to "blue's clues" and "the backyardigans" so much that i hardly ever have time to listen to the good stuff.

i have a really broad spectrum of music that i love (timmy makes fun of a few of the songs that i because i feel like music is a reminder of where i've been, where i am right now and what i'm headed towards.

i like a song that makes me bust a good one. or cry really hard. or raise my hands towards Jesus. or fall on my face.

i like songs about love because i'm there. i like songs about heartbreak because i've been there.

i like songs that remind me of my friends. times spent together. travel.

my playlist isn't filled with only uplifting songs. nope. because that's not real life. i like to feel everything, so it's filled with my faves.

one of my co-workers said last night, "a life without music is meaningless" or something like that. i don't know that i would say "meaningless" but i sure have missed it for the past few years.

ahhh. glad to be back. can't wait to see what i've missed.


Aimee said...

where's it at?

Noni & Poppi said...

Heather, You've got music in your blood! Think about it, your dad has always been in music since he was 5 years old...choirs, high school and college band, King's Kids, worship and praise, playing for weddings, plays and arranging music. Your grandad was in the Methodist church choir for over 60 years and he looooved classical music. I listen to music most of the time...classical, comtempory Christian, soft jazz, and now, I've put on some Christmas music. It brings life to the soul! And you wouldn't be my daughter without some dancing every now and then! Love,Mom

ringleader said...

Hey, Where, exactly, are you trying to copy your playlist from?

Dad A