Thursday, November 13, 2008

regression? or not?

i had a good face-to-face talk with my friend jennifer and also my friend kara today. also some folks at work and especially the hubby.

i was thinking that liam was regressing.

my mind was starting to get stressed about it (what is he eating that isn't right for him...etc) but i saw a new light today, if you will.

hear me out.

liam is actually PROgressing.

he is being a typical 3.5 year old in his actions and his will.

the past few days the kid has been sticking up for himself. passionately.

well, my mind immediately thinks it's the "autism" rearing its head. i label him. i think that he isn't capable of expressing what he really feels.

maybe, but just *maybe* he is getting it.

but this kid is fighting hard. fighting the battle of not enough words and too many emotions.

can i get an amen?

i feel that daily.

this kid is sensitive. so am i.

this kid rages against injustice. so do i.

this kid loves every person that comes in his long as you don't push him for words. i am the same.



i don't think so.

i think we have a fireball on our hands.

this kid has it going on.

now to know how to fan the flame? that's the hard part.

oh goodness.

my heart is rejoicing tonite.

he's GETTING IT!!!


Scott and Sara said...

I'm so glad you're feeling more encouraged today! I'm praying for you, sweet friend.

Kelle Ortiz said...

That was a great read. Thank you for posting!

Aimee said...

AMEN! Isn't revelation freeing.

Jen Talley said...

HI Heather,
I'm Jen Talley, Aimee's sister. Just wanted you to know that I'm reading your blog every day and am praying for Liam's complete healing and for wisdom for you and Tim.

Kara said...

He has come so far!! I am so proud of him and you. You see him day to day and sometimes someone from the outside can shed some light for you. I am so impressed with Liam's words. He does so well and has come so far in so little time. I have to believe that he is expressing himself, it's just in ways that you have not seen before. Hang in there girl. We're all rooting for you all!

M. Christensen said...

That is great, I tend to see every little change as negative where as my husband has better insight. Sometimes I think I am waiting for that other shoe to drop! I am so happy for you guys!! Liam's strong will is definitely a good thing! M

Aimee said...

Thinking of Liem today. Praying. Was thinking how God had already prepared you and Tim (back when you were born) for Liem. Everything you need to give Liem, God has given you both, and equipt you for this time. You are fully prepared to give his EXACTLY what he needs.

granolachic said...

ooohhhh...that's great great insight!!! really good!! i can see this in a magazing or book for encouraging mom's of kids with special needs...:)