Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day!!

i hope everyone had an amazing day!

mine was...ummm...exhausting.

the kids were wild and whiney. timmy had to work all day and i had to make a trip to wally world -- always a BLAST alone with 3 littles. (rolls eyes)


timmy came home from work with a toaster oven for me (i really wanted one) and also a beautiful yucca cane plant!! that man knows the way to my heart: cooking items and plants. i told him tonite that if he bought me a plant every friday i would be a continually happy woman. i think he *might* take me up on it. ;)

so today i have thought about when i was younger and literally daydreamed for hours about being a mama. now i'm here.

it's way harder than i expected, but good golly i am blessed!!


Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

i can testify to the day dreaming about being a mother part!

granolachic said...

i can testify to the exhausted part! i have said on past mother's days that it is a ploy to make exhausted-fighting-off-bitterness-moms-of-infants/toddlers more bitter and exhausted bc we expect for one day that our children and husbands will be perfect!!