Tuesday, May 19, 2009

time with my hubby

so i read an article today about how it's so important to cultivate your marriage when you have children.

i used to laugh at those kind of articles because timmy and i have been best friends since the day we started dating. BEST FRIENDS.

now we are in the middle of toddler central and are both working...and both single parenting while the other is working.

i go to work at 8am...don't get home until 4pm. tim leaves as soon as i get home and doesn't get home until sometimes 3 in the morning.
we're like passing ships in the night.

on top of all that, we both spend countless hours making sure that liam stays on his diet and gets his multiple supplements a day while juggling 2 sweet little girls who are both still in diapers. we keep up with the house as best we can. we each are able to brave the grocery store alone with 3 littles.

it. is. exhausting.

all of that to say that we have realized that we seriously need some time together...alone.

time to reconnect.

time to just laugh and promise ourselves that this is only a season.

so, we're going on a DATE on thursday night!!!!!!

my sister (yay!) is coming to watch the kids and we're hitting the town.
timmy is planning the whole night...down to the restaurant and events afterward.
maybe bowling? maybe mini-golf? maybe playing darts at the local pub?

all i know is that i feel like a silly teenager thinking about this date night.

time ALONE with my hubby!!
my sweet, adorable best bud.

i sure miss his face these days.


Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

have fun!

Scott and Sara said...

That time alone is SO important! You guys have a great time. Kiss lots! :)

granolachic said...

i love this! it is so essential to have date nights...esp date nights that you look forward to! it is a difficult yet amazing season of life...life with toddlers and autism...can i dare admit...i sometimes miss the madness...our life is *sort of* slowing down now that i have no toddlers...sigh