Tuesday, June 9, 2009

family day!

tim and i both had the day off today, so we decided to have family day.
we went to sam's and then to the park. the kids had a blast swinging and sliding.

now timmy and i are in the kitchen whipping up some goodness for our grill nite.

i made a mustard potato salad with farmer chad's home grown organic potatoes (thanks for the csa box, jennifer!) and timmy is making a brine for our chicken before we put it on the grill. we're also having corn on the cobb - my fave. i love it especially right off the grill.
i think i should make a pitcher of sweet tea, don't you?
i can't wait for dinner! yummy!

family days are the best.

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Mrs. Chief said...

there is nothing in the world like family day, I just hate that they seem to be spred apart lately fo the Jenkins household.