Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my brave son

we spent the afternoon playing in the pool at lifetime fitness today.
it was a perfect afternoon for it!

we dropped cora off in the childcare and tim and i took liam and garland swimming.

i have been teaching liam to swim and he's been getting it...but today he was amazing!
he'll be swimming on his own by the end of the summer, i am sure.

well, the pool has these huge, amazing, two-story water slides. like super tall and fast.

liam was dead-set on going down one.

well, we asked the guard and learned that he must go down on his own and he can't wear a life vest.
since the kid can't swim yet, and the water at the landing is like 4 feet deep, we decided no.

he kept insisting that he wanted to "go big slide" and so finally i said what the heck.
i took him up the steps, told the lifeguard at the top to hold his hand until i went down the slide and then to tell him to go.

i went down, and waited for him.

sure enough, a little screaming-for-his-life liam arrived at the bottom of the slide.
i caught him, he was bawling!!
i asked him if it was fun or scary? he immediately stopped crying and said, "FUN!" and "Go big slide again??"


so timmy took him the next round.
liam got turned around halfway down that time and was screaming again.

tim asked "fun or scary?" liam said "scary" and "all done big slide!"

we were seriously cracking up.

i'm sure he'll want to go again the next time. brave boy.


Mrs. Chief said...

I grinned reading that....so cute and so typical...it's almost like they can't decide if it WAS scary or fun...love it!

Jennifer said...

I wish I had seen it. We were there too, from 2-4.

~heather said...

lol, jennifer. we just missed you! we always go from 4-6. (after naptime and between adult-swim)