Thursday, October 9, 2008


when you see a mama with lots of littles, please do not ask her if she knows "what causes that".

because likely, that mama already has enough on her plate.

likely, that mama is working her butt off to help support her family.

likely, that mama takes great pride and joy in the littles that you see as a burden.

likely, that mama is feeling the need to be perfect in a broken world and is doing her very best to shape and form her babies in the way God has called her.

are there exceptions to this? yes!

but is it something that you need to make her feel less of a woman about? no.

grace is a wonderful thing.

it is what God gives us every. single. day.

verses about grace


Kelle Ortiz said...

AMEN! I feel you. Please please please speak to me.

And can I add something? When you ask a mama if she is pregnant with her first baby and that mama replies and says, "No, it is our 3rd!" And you come back with, "Are you crazy?" Please don't get offended if we look at you and smirk. Even if we are crazy...we are crazy with love.

Jennifer said...

Did someone say that to you? People are asses.