Sunday, October 19, 2008

visit from brother-in-law!


we get the honor of hosting tim's brother, brian, for breakfast tomorrow!

oh how i love to cook a good breakfast for a guest.

here is the menu:

~sage ground sausage, diced sweet onion and diced potatoes...all sizzled up together
~eggs sunny side up (from my dear friend katie's own chickens!)
~grits with raw cheddar cheese from our local farmer
~OJ spritzers
~french press coffee

who else is coming?
i'll set you a plate. ;)

1 comment:

Scott and Sara said...

I wish I could come! You don't know how much I'm missing grits right now. It's just sad. The CSA box sounds cool too! We have farmers' markets here that I used to go to every weekend. Kind of fell out of the habit, but should start going again. It's worth it, to support the farmers!