Friday, October 17, 2008

dinner friday

well, timmy is working a long one, so it's just me and the kids tonite.

i decided that i needed to start cleaning out all the leftovers in my fridge and pantry, so here is what i came up with...

we had some leftover (tim-grilled) ribs in the freezer that i needed to use up.
so i tossed some root veggies (baby potatoes, baby carrots, onion) into the bottom of my trusty crockpot. added a few shakes of s&p, some garlic powder, a few oz of veggie broth. i topped the veggies with the thawed ribs and it's cooking away on low.
smells yummy!!

i'm also going to make some braised greens since we got a ton of them in our CSA box this week. i'll sautee them up with some crushed garlic, onion, s&p, dash of hot sauce and some EVOO.

speaking of my CSA box, i'm going to start a weekly post of what i got and what i plan to do with it. should be fun.

i'll do this weeks post maybe later tonite...if i get around to it. ;)

what's on your plate tonite??


Kelle Ortiz said...

Mr Taco was what was on our plate sister.

Jennifer said...

I was on my own tonight with my kids as well. On my plate? The french fries from the boys meals from Burger King (they ate dinner at the mall), and a grilled cheese (the cheese from Farmer Chad and chevre goat cheese w/ honey) with turkey. Topped the night off with three scoops of chocolate overload ice cream. I love Fridays.

By the way...when you did your braised greens, was it those greens that we couldn't figure out or was it the bok choy?

outdoorgriller said...

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~heather said...

jen, i used both and it turned out amazing!
those two heads made just enough for two servings.
i put EVOO in the skillet, added thinly sliced sweet onion for a bit, then crushed garlic and the greens (both heads, thinly sliced...i tossed the stems) when they were slightly wilted i added maybe a fourth cup of veggie broth, s&p, a few dashes of hot sauce and let it simmer until most of the broth was gone.
i still have no idea what the greens were, but it was yummo.
i'll be eating it again tomorrow for lunch.

~heather said...

kel. my goodness.
when you GO TO MR TACO, TELL ME!!!
have you not learned that yet???
goodness gracious.