Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the trampoline

oh my goodness.
we are so blessed.

our neighbor, who happens to be our landlord, just GAVE!! us a trampoline for liam.
yep. just gave it to us.

for some kids this might be just a fun thing to have, but for US it's a form of therapy for our sensory-seeking little man.

let me tell you about today...

i held liam off until the two littles were napping because there isn't a net around the thing and liam is sure to bounce his sister right off, so i waited.
well, the time came and i let him loose.
friends, this kid spent 3 hours out there this afternoon.

he would bounce and bounce.
when he got tired he would lay there and look up at the trees.
a few times i even caught him singing praise songs while running around on it.

there is nothing. NOTHING. that will bring tears to a mama's eyes faster than seeing her son loving life and loving God at the same time.
he was singing "HOLY HOLY HOLY" and then crashing down on himself while laughing his guts out.
i stood on the porch and cried tears of thankfulness and complete joy.
i saw my son in a place that he was free. FREE!
free from the stress of not being like others.
free from the burden of not being able to talk and relate.
free from everything.
he was praising God because he felt great joy.

thank you, silvia.
your gift has touched our hearts on so many levels.
and now our boy has an escape.
an escape that is much needed.
and we are SO grateful.


Jennifer said...

How awesome is that! And I'm guessing he slept great last night after all that.

Kelle Ortiz said...

once again you have brought tears to my eyes. Why do you do this to me?

Aimee said...

I am a bucket of tears...such a mommy's heart as only a mother could witness such a moment. I rejoice with you as you recieve such a precious gift from a neighbor at the perfect intended moment!

M. Christensen said...

Dang girl, you made me cry!! That is such a great thing and I am so glad for you guys!! You really have a lot of people that care for you and your family!

Scott and Sara said...

Trampolines are the best! What a great blessing for Liam and for you. Enjoy!

Noni & Poppi said...

Heather, Dad & I were just reading this blog and we found our human water works flowing, especially Dad.
We are blessed to learn you are experiencing moments of God letting us,as parents, to see His hand in touching those we have the awesome privelege to care for while here on earth! Just think, what a double blessing for grandparents to get a glimpse of His hand molding our grandkids! Thanks for sharing this with us ~you're an loving and fantastic mom. I'm so happy your our daughter. Love, Mom * Noni