Tuesday, June 30, 2009

songs that have shaped me

timmy and i sometimes have a "youtube" night where we search for songs that have really "shaped" us growing up.

i thought i would start a little posting of those every now and then.

the first song that i want to add is a song that has literally gotten me through many hard times in my life.

i'm a "feel music deeply" girl and i'm also a "feel God in nature" girl, so this song gets me every time.

(listen to it loudly...and yeah, i usually tear up at the "newborn's cry at birth" part and i most often HAVE to raise my hands at the "i believe" part. feel free to do the same thing. *wink* )


Alisa said...

not really about this post, but wanted you to know i found your blog and am up too late reading it!

Scott and Sara said...

LOVE the new picture of the kids. That is just gorgeous! What a great idea...youtube night. Have you watched any of Tim Hawkins stuff? He's a Christian comedian who does some funny song parodies. Check it out.

Jen said...

You did it! You posted a Youtube video. I'm so proud.

Mrs. Chief said...

I never have heard that song and boo-hoo'd...oh I believe!